"Don't Cripple Your Book With An Unprofessional Presentation."



You have spent a lot of time -- your own blood, sweat, and tears -- putting your special book together. Your soul is in that book. It's as special to you as if it were your own child.

Don't let your book lose its impact by putting it out in anything less than a totally professional format.

If you ever hope to sell another book, particularly to the same people who bought one of your earlier ones, it's absolutely critical to keep your customers' respect and credibility by ensuring your book has the highest level of professional writing, layout, design, copy flow, and more.

Snicko.com offers book editing services at all levels. Tailored to your needs and your budget.

In getting ready to set up Snicko.com and start a rip-roarin' EBay business, I read dozens, perhaps hundreds of ebooks and online articles. Some of them are very good, others are little more than hype to get you to purchase some other product.

But the one thing most of them have in common is they have not been professionally edited. There are frequent problems with

  • spelling 

  • grammar

  • syntax

  • concept flow

  • layout

  • design

  • illustrations

  • photos

  • captions

  • headers and footers

  • white space 

The writers have no idea what widows and orphans are, or if they do, they don't grasp the concept. Tables of contents are missing or unusable. Internal hyperlinks are nonexistent or confusing.

Does your book have any of these problems?

Are you absolutely certain you can do professional-level work on all the items in the list above?

Here's an example of a problem I have seen recently. Look at the difference in the following two illustrations from an Excel spreadsheet:

The Higher Resolution Image The Lower Resolution Image

See the difference in resolution, how clear each picture is? I have seen several books that have illustrations indicating their authors seem to think this doesn't make any difference. 

Believe me, it does.

For another example, all too frequently, I see text such as this "...when you bid, don't get to carried away..."  or this  "...when the item has it's picture nearby..."

Did you catch the errors? Those are some of the easier ones to catch. 

There are many much more subtle errors, each of which can cost you credibility, and more importantly, they can COST YOU SALES!

Don't let it happen to you!

Invest in professional book editing services from Snicko.com.

I offer several levels of service, from basic spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and word usage editing, up through layout and design, illustrations, and concept flow, even cover design.

My normal editing rates are a quite reasonable $50 an hour, for any services. 

Special Introductory Snicko.com Offer

As a special limited time offer, I will do basic editing services (spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation) for only $5 a page! No matter how long it takes. This averages out to at least a 40% discount off my normal rate. 

This offer will be withdrawn sometime in the first half of 2004, and will not be repeated.

Please see our Services section, below, for what each level of service includes.

To order Snicko.com book editing services, please email me at weo1@snicko.com and we'll discuss your project.

How We Work

Currently, our mode of operation is using Microsoft Word, but we will be happy to see if we can accommodate whatever method you choose.

Here's a sample of how I work with a client. The client sends a file in MS Word, and tells me they'd like Basic Services implemented, and Full Copyediting on approval. 

First, I go through the manuscript and make all Basic Services changes right in the document. Then I'll turn on Word's Track Edits feature, and make the Full Copyediting changes.

The changes made show up in the document in red.

Where necessary, I'll insert Word Comments into the document to explain my change suggestions, so the author can make a decision based on having the proper information.

Note: One of the most critical criteria I use in editing is maintaining the "voice" of the author. Each author has his or her own special way of saying things, a way that is unique to each person. I take special pains to preserve this unique manner of writing, so the author's imprint is retained in the book.

I then send the document back to the author, who reviews the changes and either accepts or discards them.

The client and I continue the exchange process until the editing is complete.

Who I Am

I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm a trained copywriter with two master's degrees, two national writing awards, and years of writing experience. 

I'd like you to trust that I can do a great job for you, but I understand you need more than just words.

So here's what I'll do: when you hire me to do your editing, I'll do your first segment (Chapter, section, division, etc. -- up to 15 pages) and let you look over my edits before deciding whether to continue. If you decide my work is not for you, there will be no charge and no obligation.

So you see, you have no risk at all! You get to decide whether you like my work before making any commitment. 

List of Services:

Here's a list of the editing services I offer, and what each service includes.

Type of Services What's Included
Basic Services The basic services include checking for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and word usage. 

For example, usage of "to" or "too," or the proper usage of "its" and "it's" or possessives and plurals.

Full Copyediting Includes the basic services, above, as well as proofreading, continuity checking, and style checking. 

For example, basic services would not flag a change of person from "I will..." in the first paragraph to "We will..." in the fifth paragraph. Full copyediting will catch that.

Also, I'll find such contradictions as "It was a dark and stormy night..." (thanks, Snoopy) on page one, and "...she stared at the billions of stars in the clear sky..." on page three. How could it be dark and stormy, then suddenly clear?

Copyflow Editing  Copyflow editing is the most sophisticated of our offerings. 

The best-written piece is totally transparent to the reader. This means the readers aren't aware they're reading. The information flows straight from the page to their brains without stopping at their eyes. 

Copyflow editing helps you ensure there are no reader stumbling blocks, no places in your text that cause the reader to stop reading and try to figure out what you meant.

This includes suggesting changes to sentence structure, sentence length, where paragraphs are separated, and several other areas of attention. 

It also includes checking that the chapters are divided appropriately, that information flows properly within and between chapters, that there are proper transitions and lead-ins to changes of subject, and that all information is necessary, neither redundant nor superfluous.

Layout and Design This kind of editing has to do with formatting the elements of your piece, making them look just right on the page:
  • Introduction, foreword, copyright notices
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter Titles
  • Subtitles
  • Paragraph layouts
  • Lists, bullets, tables
  • Insets, sidebars
  • Illustrations, photos

With Layout and Design editing, we suggest fonts, point size, margins, separators, page headers and footers, page numbering, and appropriate use of white space.

Illustrations and Photos While illustrations and photos are not important for fiction, they are absolutely essential for how-to books.

Badly done illustrations and photos can detract from your book, rather than add to it as you intend. They can scream, "AMATEUR" to your customers, and cost you future sales.

Illustration and Photo editing ensures each element is properly positioned and anchored, it makes sure each has a proper caption, and that labels, highlights, arrows, circles, and other devices are included when appropriate. It also ensures the proper flow of text around the elements.

Most importantly, this sort of editing will make sure that each photo and illustration has the proper resolution, balancing it so each element is clear enough without being so large that it bloats your file size.

Cover Design and Book Images Whether you are producing your book for print or electronic media, the design of your book's cover will greatly affect your sales.

For ebooks, current experts tell you over and over again that a great book cover will boost your sales tremendously. It's true.

Ebooks need more than just a book cover. They also need something called a "book image." This is the book cover image, with an image of a book spine added, along with elements for book pages, a back cover, and a shadow, so that your book cover appears as a regular, hard-copy book. See our examples here.

Book images are important for using on your website, or anywhere you want to sell your ebook.

You can purchase the software to make your own cover and cover image. I've seen it from $29 to well over $100. If you get the software, you then need to learn to use it, then do the work to create the cover. Then you have to either use one of the templates they supply, or tap your artistic abilities to come up with an original design.

Or you can hire someone else to do it for you. 

There are a lot of sites on the internet that will do a "Professional Cover" for you for $50 to $120. They are pretty good, but again, you're probably limited to their template designs. How many other people have that same design?

The best way (of course I'd say this) would be to hire me to do an original book cover for you.

I will design your cover, working with you to get exactly the cover you want, and provide you with two final products: a book cover image you can use on the first page of your ebook, and a book image (that looks like a hard-copy book) you can use on your website.

And here's a deal you can't pass up: If you contract with me for $500 worth of other editing services, I'll give you the first version of your cover for only $100! If you use $1000 or more of editing services, your book cover and image services are absolutely FREE, up to three revisions!

To see some examples of book images I have designed and their associated covers), look at our Bookstore page.

Ebook Production. One of the final steps in producing an ebook is to convert it from your working format to final distribution format. 

Mostly, this means a compiled HTML file (good for shorter books, pamphlets, or how-to's) or Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

Personally, I prefer PDFs because they are readable on any sort of computer with Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software.

You can purchase the software to do the conversion yourself, or you can let me do it for you.

If all you want me to do for you is convert your Word file to PDF format, I'll do it for $25 flat. I will also include edit protection, and non-print capability if you want.

However, if you hire me to do $150 or more in other editing services, I'll convert your document to PDF for free.


Okay, there you have it. 

You need book editing services. I offer book editing services. Fast, affordable, reliable, and professional.

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.

Email me today, and we'll talk about your project. There's no commitment, no obligation, and every chance we will make your book tremendously better.



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