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Is This The BEST House Available
For Sale In Central Florida?

Maybe Not. 
But It Very Well May Be The Best 
AFFORDABLE House On The Market!

If a 4/3 3,200 s.f. house appeals to you, read on!

Dear House Hunter,

If you are looking for a house in Central Florida, you can't afford to ignore this message. 

In the next few minutes, we will tell you about The Parker Court House. When you've finished reading, we hope you'll agree: This is the house you need to come see!

"Location, Location, Location!"

You've heard it said over and over again, the three most important features of any house are location, location, and location.

This house has that, and more!

We'll get to the "more" in just a minute, but first, let's discuss location.

IT'S IN CENTRAL FLORIDA! This is the main feature of this house. You are obviously looking for a house in the Central Florida area, or you wouldn't be reading this writeup. The Parker Court House is in Oviedo, Seminole County, Florida. It is part of the huge sprawl that makes up what most people think of as the Orlando area.

There are hundreds of other web sites that will tell you how wonderful the Central Florida area is, all the attractions, things to do, industries, businesses, entertainment, sports. and more. 

So we won't do that here.

We'll just tell you The Parker Court House is conveniently located right in the middle of everything, with easy access to whatever you can think of. I'll tell you more on that right now.

ONLY HALF AN HOUR TO DISNEY! If you find Oviedo on a map, you will see it's on the far side of Greater Orlando from Disney World. You might think this means it would take a long time to get to Disney. If it weren't for Orlando's expressway system, you'd be right.

With the current expressway system, depending on traffic, you can get from the door of this house to the parking lot at Disney World in less than half an hour!

Of course if you go during rush hour, it will take longer. But I can personally attest that I have made the journey in 27 minutes. Not a hassle at all.

CLOSE TO A MAJOR EXPRESSWAY. You can leave your driveway and be on a major expressway (East-West Expressway 417) in less than three minutes. Once on the expressway, it's a very fast route to anywhere in Central Florida, or to distant points of the compass via I-4 or the Sunshine State Turnpike.

As close as it is to the expressway, it's still far enough away that you can't hear traffic from it, so you don't have to worry about expressway traffic noise.

CLOSE TO SCHOOLS. This house is in the Seminole County school district, which the Orlando Sentinel says are some of the very best in the state.

Have kids? The Parker Court House is within walking distance of a Tuscawilla Middle School, and it's only a few blocks farther to Lake Howell High School, one of the best in the state. For elementary school-age kids, there's a school bus stop only yards away from the front door.

If you have children and are willing to let them walk to school, you will be reassured to know there are no major streets to cross - the only streets they will have to cross between this home and their school are residential streets.

The really good part of this is that the house is still far enough away from these schools so school children on the way to or from school don't come into or throw trash into the yard.

It's the best of all possible distances - close enough, but not too close to schools.

EASY COMMUTING TO COLLEGE. If you or any of your family are interested in attending college, the University of Central Florida is only a fifteen-minute drive away, and it's a four-lane road all the way.

Again, it's close enough to get there easily, but not so close that you have to worry about listening to parties all night long.

CLOSE TO ALL KINDS OF SHOPPING. You will find grocery stores, restaurants, shopping plazas, restaurants, home supply stores, restaurants, lumber stores, restaurants, even super-discount department stores are all within an easy drive from this home. 

IN A SMALL BUT BEAUTIFUL NEIGHBORHOOD. There are only seventeen houses in the neighborhood. All the residents are homeowners - there are no rentals. There is only one entry, so you will have no through traffic. Each home in the neighborhood sits on a full acre, so it's a very spacious and wide-open-feeling neighborhood.

In a neighborhood of this size you can get to know and become good friends with all your neighbors, if you would like this.  Or, because of the large lots, you can remain reclusive if that's your preference.

There are many huge trees in the neighborhood, and overall the lawns are lush and well-tended.

UNIQUE ZONING ALLOWS BUSINESS! There are very few residential properties in this area that allow you to conduct a business out of your home -- this is one of them! If you've ever considered running a home-based business, this would be an ideal location for you! Don't miss out!

"A Unique And Functional Layout"

Having a house in the best location is great, but it really doesn't work for you unless the layout of the house is easy to live in, unless the house is set up so you truly feel at home.

The Parker Court House has a superb layout.

The main house has three bedrooms and two full baths, with a fourth bedroom and third bath located on the far side of the garage. This is far enough away that you can use this fourth bedroom as an office or a mother-in-law suite, yet you can get to it without going outside.

The living room, dining room, and kitchen are built on a fascinating open-plan layout that makes superb use of the available space. A section of the kitchen is set at an interesting 45 angle, with a breakfast bar to one side, and plenty of cabinets for storage. 

The kitchen is really one of the most exciting aspects of the house. But I'm getting ahead of myself - I'll tell you about the kitchen in the next section. This section is about the layout.

On the east side of the living room, there is a corridor that passes behind the fireplace, and the two smaller bedrooms open off this corridor. The guest bath is located between these two bedrooms, and has access from each bedroom and from the corridor.

The master bedroom is on the west side of the kitchen, and runs the full width of the house. There is a sleeping area and a sitting area, and there is generous closet space.

Speaking of closets, there are generous closets throughout the house, and all the closet doors in the bedrooms are mirrored!

A sliding glass door opens off the living room to the driveway approach to the garage, so you can see guests arrive this way and welcome them in through this door.

Another sliding glass door opens off the kitchen area to a patio area that's ideal for barbecues.

The rear driveway has a turnout near the garage, where you can back your car out of the driveway and turn it around, or where your guests can park when visiting.

There is also a front circular driveway that will accommodate four or more cars, for when you want to entertain a number of guests.

Overall, it's a very livable arrangement, with the master suite separated from the smaller bedrooms, and with open-plan living-dining-kitchen areas.

"Features Of The House"

  • The KITCHEN! The KITCHEN! This is so exciting, I've just got to tell you about the kitchen first. If you who are reading this are not the primary kitchen-user in your family, then go get that person right now and read this to her (or him!). But don't blame me if you get your arm twisted to come see this house right away.

    • Counter Space: The first thing you've got to know is the kitchen has TWENTY-SIX FEET of counter space! If you've ever worked in a crowded kitchen, then you know how valuable adequate counter space is. You'll never run out of counter space in this kitchen, even when cooking a Thanksgiving meal for the whole clan - your family, your kids' families, Grandma Phyllis and Grandpa Sam, cousin Ollie and Sister Sue and their families! Spread it out! You'll have room.

    • CABINETS! CABINETS! CABINETS! You won't believe the cabinet space you have in this kitchen. I just counted them -- you'll have eleven standard-size over-counter cabinets, thirteen smaller (9" tall) over counter cabinets, eleven standard-sized under-counter cabinets, and thirteen drawers! Can you imagine all the kitchen stuff you can put in those cabinets!? And if that's not enough, in addition to these cabinets, you also get three full floor-to-ceiling cabinets! This might be unbelievable, but with 26 feet of counter space, there's a lot of room for cabinets. 

    • Double Stainless Steel Sink. This isn't just any double stainless steel sink. This is a BIG double stainless steel sink! Each bowl of the sink is about 20" wide, so there is plenty of room to stack and wash those Thanksgiving dishes and pans.

    • Appliances! Under one of the sinks there is, of course, a garbage disposal. 
      There is also a dishwasher, an under-cabinet microwave oven, and an electric range with TWO ovens! Talk about being able to fix a feast for a crowd! Now I need to tell you up front the appliances aren't new, but they all do work just fine.

  • Four Bedrooms, Three Baths! The house includes three bedrooms and two baths in main house, plus a fourth bedroom and full bath separated from the house (by the garage), but under the same roof. This room can be used as a mother-in-law suite, an office, or even a private hideaway bedroom for that teenager who just wants to be left alone. 

The good thing about the fourth bedroom is that the only access to it is through the garage, so you can keep track of who goes in and out if you want to. And when.

  • The Master Bedroom Is HUGE! The overall dimensions of the master bedroom are 12 feet wide by about THIRTY feet long! Not all of this is usable bed room, because one chunk is cut out for the master bath, and another smaller chunk is cut out for the generous closet. But there's still a huge amount of space left for furniture and living in that room. In the master bath there is a large shower and a toilet. In the bedroom itself there is a twelve-foot-long vanity with bright overhead lights, and two lavatory sinks. Yes, both sinks have hot and cold running water. This means you can brush your teeth or wash your face without disturbing someone else taking a shower.

  • Sizeable Smaller Bedrooms. The two smaller bedrooms in the main house are pretty much mirror images of each other. They are about 16' x 13' with a chunk cut out about 6' x 7' in one corner where the second bathroom is. Each bedroom has a five foot vanity with bright lights, a lavatory sink, and a large wall mirror over the vanity. These rooms have "eyebrow" windows - windows with the bottom more than 4' off the floor, running the width of the room. These windows are great for letting in plenty of light and ventilation while allowing easy privacy.

  • New roof October 2004. The prior roof on the house was getting a bit old, and thanks to the hurricanes of 2004, the owner has now replaced the roof. The new roof has a 25-year guarantee, so you won't have to worry about the expense of replacing the roof for a quarter century!

  • Solar Panels! While we're on the roof, so to speak, I've got to tell you about the solar panels! This house has three water-heating solar panels on the roof. These panels augment the hot water heater, and substantially cut down the water heating expense. Hey, sunlight is free! This is Florida! Why not make better use of being in the Sunshine State!?

  • Giant Hot Water Heater. Speaking of hot water, do you like hot showers? Who doesn't! Isn't it frustrating to be at the end of a nice, long hot shower, and suddenly the water goes cold? That should never happen in this house - it has an eighty gallon hot water heater! I have taken hot showers so long I turned into a prune, and there wasn't even a hint of running out of hot water! It was great! 

Now you might think that so much wonderful hot water would run up the utility bills, right? Not so! Read on for the story.

  • Low Utility Bills! If you've paid utility bills in any other house, you're going to be smiling when you read this: The average electric bill in the summer (the house is about 3,200 square feet, remember) runs between $81 and $85 a month! True. We have the last couple of years' bills if you want to see them. This is for an all-electric house, so these bills include air conditioning, the lawn irrigation system, the hot water heater, cooking, and other normal electric usage. In the wintertime, the bills average about $35 a month. The water bill is equally low, under $10 a month.

    One thing to remember when you consider these bills: there is only one person living in the house right now. So when you move in, if you have more people, or if you prefer to keep the house at Arctic temperatures in the summer, then your bills will probably be somewhat higher. But even so, the bills ought to be lower than you might expect. 

    Note: The amounts I'm telling you about here are only indicative of past bills, and we can't guarantee yours will be equally low. Everyone uses different amounts of electricity and has different preferences. 

  • Energy-Efficient Design. One of the reasons for such low electric bills might be the energy efficient design of the house. The home is oriented North-South, and there are 4' roof overhangs all around the house, both characteristics cited by experts as being essential for energy efficiency in Central Florida.

  • New exterior paint, April 2005. The house needed painting. So the owner had it painted. Besides painting, any wood that needed replacing was replaced, so all the exterior woodwork is now in excellent shape!

  • Almost-New A/C unit - in late 2003, the owner replaced the entire air conditioning system with a brand new, energy-efficient 5-ton unit. If you've ever lived in Central Florida, you know how essential it is to have a good air conditioner. We have had an Air Conditioner specialist tell us that a five-ton unit on a house this size could cool it down to meat-locker temperature if you wanted it to.

  • Sprinkler System. This house features a central sprinkler system for the yard, supplied by a 100-foot-deep well. This means that you won't be using water from your metered (billed) supply to irrigate your grass. The sprinkler system pump runs when you switch it on, to water the entire yard in four different zones, so you can be sure you'll have a lush, green lawn all through the summer.

  • Orange Trees - There are five of them in the yard, but we need to warn you - the fruit is inedible. Some people, however, highly value the fruit of these trees for making special citrus candy. But the trees are large and beautiful, and give an unmistakable Florida flavor to the property.

  • It's a big house.  At 3,200 square feet, you will have plenty of room for your family and your furniture.

  • It has a big lot.  The lot on which the house sits is one full acre, which gives you a wide open feeling of freedom, even in the middle of the thriving community the area has become. There's plenty of room for yard games or for the kids to camp out, or for gardening if you want to turn your new yard into a showcase.

  • It's on a Corner Lot. This house sits not just on a corner lot, it's a lot with dual corners! This means you have a neighbor only on one side, and you'll never have to worry about others encroaching on your property from those sides.

  • Practically New Fence. One side of the lot faces a moderately busy street, and there's a new-since-the-hurricane fence on that side (September 2004). This fence provides some visual privacy from pedestrians on the sidewalk there, and does an excellent job of screening the noise from any traffic on that street. Additionally, the "back" of the house faces this fence, so the owner never notices the pedestrians or the traffic. 

  • Fireplace. There's a fairly large fireplace in the living room. It will give you a crackling warm domestic comfort on those chilly days, especially around the holidays.

  • Central Vacuum cleaner. The Parker Court House features a central vacuum cleaner system. There are several outlets throughout the house, and from these outlets, the included vacuum hose and nozzles can reach any place that needs cleaning.

  • Tw0-car garage. It's actually a bit larger than needed for two cars, so you can set up a workbench with tools, store bicycles and pantry items, and have plenty of room to work as well. The garage has garage doors on either end, so you can, if you wish, open up both doors and have a nice cross-breeze from the driveway to the patio. Also in the garage are your water heater, your air conditioning unit (If you've ever had to have an A/C unit serviced, you know how important it is to have easy access to the unit!), and the washer and dryer hookups.

    Warning: if you like to use your garage for junk storage, you'll be able to put a lot of junk in this garage! 

  • The garage is in the BACK of the house. What this means is that if you have things going on in your garage, or if you're in the middle of a project, all your work will be out of sight of the street in the front. This doesn't mean much to some people, but to others (like my wife), it's all important.

  • Circular driveway. In the front of the house, the place where guests will arrive, there's a circular driveway where guests can pull up and park by your front door. It's also nicely landscaped there so your home will present a pleasing appearance to your guests.

  • Gorgeous panoramic-view windows. The entire front of the house, from the living room to the kitchen, has huge, floor-to-ceiling windows that give you a sweeping panoramic view of your front yard, landscaping, orange trees, and driveway area. There are a set of vertical blinds to allow you privacy, but it's easy to open them if you want to let the outdoors in.

  • Built-in TV recess. The fireplace is in the left half of a beautiful Tennessee-stone wall on one end of the living room. On the right half of the wall is a rectangular opening where you can mount your television. The back of this aperture opens into the media closet, which you access from the hallway behind the fireplace. This allows you to hide all those unsightly wires and cables. It also makes for a delightful conversation area in the living room, where the participants can take in the fireplace, the TV, or each other with ease.

  • Builder Was A Resident. The builder who built this house built it to live in, and in fact actually did live in it for a while. You can tell this house has all those little touches someone will put in when building a house for himself.

  • Termite Control Contract. The current company treats the house four times a year. At their last annual inspection, they said the house is totally bug-free and there is no sign at all of termites.

"Why Are We Selling?"

The current owner has been here over eighteen years, and is ready for something a little bit smaller. He is also looking at the possibility of moving out of state to be closer to his children.

He is very pleased with the house and with the neighborhood, and he wouldn't be moving if he still had family here. 

However, this house is a bit much for one person, so he has decided to let it go. 

If you're in the market for a house right now, you're in luck.

"Okay, How Much?"

To determine the price of a house, you need to look at how much similar houses in that area have sold for, and the condition of the house being sold.

A house in the same neighborhood as The Parker Court House sold in December 2002 for $299,000. It is substantially smaller than The Parker Court House (at 2,579 square feet, compared to 3,200 here). It was in average-to-good condition, as far as we can tell.

That's the only sale we know about in recent years. You can tell houses in this neighborhood tend to stay with their owners.

Based on that sale (almost three years ago), the size of the house, the size of the lot, and the current real estate market in other equivalent neighborhoods of Central Florida, it would not be out of line to put an asking price of $385,000 on this house.

If you've been active in the house-hunting market in Central Florida over the last year or so, you have probably already seen a couple of bidding wars, where the house sold for more than the buyer was asking, simply because several people really wanted the house.

Needless to say, the seller of this house would like to realize as much as the house is worth on the sale, but being an honorable person, he doesn't want to "milk the market" for more than it's worth.

Also, he would be pleased to sell the house quickly, so he's willing to come down on the price -- to only $350,000.

But don't reach for your checkbook yet.

Wait, and let me tell you about the ...

"Opportunity for a BARGAIN!"

Just as everyone does when they're getting ready to sell, the owner of this house is in the process of making major repairs and fixing things up prior to selling.

If you want a real bargain, and if you're willing to accept the house in as-is condition and do some of this work yourself, the owner is willing to consider an offer below his asking price!

Here are some of the projects on the schedule for this house:

Interior Painting. The living room, dining room, master bedroom, the mother-in-law suite, and the interior of the garage all need new coats of paint. These will be done in a neutral off-white shade. If you buy the house before this painting is done, you can pick your own colors when you paint these rooms, and knock the price of this painting off the asking price of the house. Sorry! This has now been done!

Garage Door Replacement. There are two garage doors. We believe we can salvage enough good components to make one of them good as new, but that means the other double garage door will have to be completely replaced. The owner will have this done unless you buy the house before this project is started. If you do, then you can do this yourself and reduce your offer price by the cost of the new garage door. Sorry! This has now been done!

Interior Door Replacement. The interior door between the garage and the house is in bad enough shape that it needs to be replaced. The owner will be having this done, unless you buy the house before he starts this project also. 

Install A New Doorbell. That's right. The house needs a new doorbell. The owner has this on his list of things to do also, but if you want to do it yourself, you can save the price of it on the offer you make. Sorry! This has now been done!

There are several smaller projects on tap, and he will get to those as and when he can.

Honestly, he is hoping someone will come along and make him an offer for the house in an as-is condition, so he won't have to bother with all these projects.

So check out this house, and make an offer.

WARNING! This opportunity for a bargain will last only as long as it takes the owner to complete these projects.

As each project is completed, the amount he will be willing to accept for the house goes up! Well, you'd do that too, wouldn't you!?

Also, while he would be willing to come down a couple (several?) thousand dollars if you will take the house in as-is condition, it won't be a lot. Probably only as much as he would have to spend to get the projects done. The market in this area right now is just too hot to expect him to entertain a lowball offer. 

Once all the projects are completed, his price will be firm. Because it's a seller's market in Central Florida right now - if you're looking, you know how hard it is to find a house - he's sure to get his price.

If you're interested in this house, you need to act quickly. If you want to pick up a bargain, you need to call today. Right now.

"I'm Interested! What Do I Do Now?"

HURRY. If you've been looking for a house in Central Florida, you know they're hard to find. This house will not last long, and that's not sales hype. It's the simple truth. Talk to any real estate broker in Orlando and ask him or her how long the average listing is on the market before it sells. The answer will astound you. The nation hasn't seen a faster selling market since Houston during the oil boom. 

You've got to hurry, or you're going to miss out.

Buyers Only. You need to know - the owner is a Real Estate Broker, and this is his personal house. So if you yourself are an agent looking for a listing, please don't bother.

Cash or Pre-Approved Only. Next, if you're just out for a Sunday drive and want to gawk at all the nice houses for sale, please don't call. The owner insists that you must either be ready to pay with all cash, or you must be


for a mortgage. This does not mean "Pre-Qualified." There's a big difference. If you don't know what that difference is, then go apply for a loan with a bank or a mortgage broker and ask them what the difference is.

We're sorry about that, but there have been just too many instances of someone tying up the sale of a house for months at a time and then backing out.

 This owner is eager to sell, and he doesn't want to take a chance of that happening to him. So get yourself pre-approved, then give him a call.

Finally, if you are a buyer and you either have cash or are pre-approved,

call 407-275-1000

and set up an appointment with the owner to see the house.

We do realize that this way to do business is a bit restrictive, but this is a fantastic house at an outstanding price, and we know if you're serious about buying a house, you won't find this to be a problem.

So - if you're qualified - call today! We do look forward to hearing from you.


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